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Honeycomb and try these doughnuts!

Honeycomb and try these doughnuts!

Another attempt to kill two birds with one stone with a bake that would fulfil the GBBO week 6 theme and also satiate the mini bake off competition / monster that is being held at work. However, the work bake off also had a rule – it had to incorporate honeycomb Continue reading

Bananas about Banoffee

Yes, it was that time again, it was the second Sunday of the month which can only mean 1 thing…Ironcupcake Leeds! I missed out on May’s competition but was eager to get baking and back into the swing of things! June’s theme was The Perfect Pair and I had a few ideas…Lemon Meringue? Cheese and Pickle? … Continue reading

Murder and Armadillos!

Just a quick post on some cupcakes I made at the weekend… apologies for the photos, I only had my camera phone whilst making them! Salted Caramel topped with Dime (Daim??) bars. those of you old enough to remember should understand the armadillo reference…. Saturday was the day of my friend Dan’s long awaited murder … Continue reading