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Ginger Spice

Ginger Spice

No, not a homage to girl power and all that jazz, these cute little ginger and cinnamon beauties were created for the November Dinner at the Manor event. Coinciding with Bonfire Night, I wanted to make something warming and spicy! Continue reading

Courgette Cupcakes

I said this before and I’ll say it again. I love incorporating vegetables into sweet things. I love the way they manage to bring a squidgy moistness to cakes yet imparts a nice earthy note to them. A while ago I took my butternut squash cake to my first Clandestine Cake Club, and aside from … Continue reading

Chocolate, Ginger, Wasabi Cupcakes

Ok, so here’s the recipe for the chocolate, ginger and wasabi cupcakes I made for Cakes for Japan. I really wanted to make some cupcakes which incorporated Japanese ingredients and after some searching around on the interwibble, I came across this recipe on Epicurious, which was for a Black Pearl Cake. (Yes, as in the … Continue reading