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Holy Mole!

Holy Mole!

This weekend I decided to spice things up a bit for Sunday Lunch. Rather than the usual roast chicken I took to my trusty Mexican Food Made Simple book and decided to make the Easy Peanut Mole. I suppose it’s a Mexican version of a satay! It’s packed with peanuts and sesame seeds and flavoured … Continue reading

Fish in a Bag

Fish in a Bag

I love this recipe as it’s relatively quick and easy to make. Protein and vegetables in one. It’s classic Jamie Oliver all of the ingredients shoved in a bag and baked. Baking the fish in this way really helps to keep it soft and tender – delicious! Continue reading

The Husband’s Chilli

I’ll let it be known right now that I am very much a control freak in my kitchen. I am in charge of my kitchen supplies and inventory and that’s that. To my Husband this translates as living with a nightmare! I pretty much do all of the cooking and although the Husband can actually cook, I … Continue reading

Chicken Pho Therapy

Safe to say that despite my efforts at having a relatively healthy week, my plans were scuppered by a few things. Clandestine Cake Club – I only ate a little bit of cake, honest!! Dinner and wine with friends. Barbecue By Sunday I needed something, light and cleansing – something that as you eat, you can … Continue reading

Roasted Gobi with Aloo Saag Curry

The Husband and I took a trip to our local farm shop the other evening and staring at me were some beautiful looking Romanescos. Lime green in colour with cone shaped florets, it really is an attractive looking vegetable. A member of the brassica family, it seems to sit somewhere in between a broccoli and cauliflower. I’ve never actually … Continue reading

Aiming to Peas!

The husband isn’t the biggest fan of fish. I am a massive fan of fish. Therefore sometimes we have a problem when I really need a seafood fix! Don’t get me wrong, its not as if he refuses to eat fish, he just needs some gentle coaxing sometimes and there are certain things that I … Continue reading