BBQ Time

When the lovely folks at Waitrose contacted me to have a barbecue with friends and whip up some Heston inspired BBQ treats I couldn’t say no. Meat? Smoke? Winner. The idea was to create our own riffs on Heston’s recipes. Great in theory from my own kitchen with access to all of my gadgets a la Heston, but not so practical when we decided to barbecue from a caravan, in Robin Hood’s Bay!

I’d have loved to have made the steamed beef buns or the brisket wraps but alas I’ll just have to make them another time. What we did do was buy some of the fun ready made Waitrose bits, pulled pork burgers, chorizo whorls and peri peri wings. To offset the meat, we had some amazing padron peppers, heritage tomatoes and Dan made his wonderful potato salad (no bbq is complete without it!) however we did want to make something special, so made our own spin on a classic grilled steak recipe, with a chilli and parsley sauce – a fresh take on chimmichurri, which is my all time favourite accompaniment to steak.

I purchased some lovely bavette steaks that were grilled will medium rare (do NOT overcook these), left to rest for about 10-15 mins and then sliced thinly. Serve this with the chilli / parsley sauce by chopping up a large bunch of parsley and four red chillies, then mix these with a good slug of olive oil and a teaspoon of red wine vinegar until you get a dropping consistency. Eaten with the steak it is delicious.

Thanks to Waitrose for the food vouchers, BBQ tools and barbecue!

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