Rye Doughn’t Believe It!

Onto week 3 of my Great British Bake Off series of baked goodies and this week saw bread week. Luis and Kate rose to the challenge which saw attempts at rye bread buns, ciabatta and stuffed loaves. We said goodbye to Jordan and his cheesecake bread (did anyone actually think this would work!?) and Norman narrowly miss his marching orders.

Bread is something I love making and equally love eating. So for this week chose to tackle the rye roll challenge. Rye flour, due to its lack of gluten can be a challenging dough to work with – it doesn’t have the same bouncy stretch as white flour but it has a really wholesome, fruity flavour and a perfect match for meats and cheeses if you go down the savoury route as I did. These rye, ale and oat knots are from the doyen that is Dan Lepard, my go-to for bread, sorry Paul Hollywood!



IMG_2129The rolls are a favourite in the Sticky Pinny household, rustic and flavoursome, similar to a granary but with a sweeter edge. The ale rolls incorporate, as the name suggests, one of my favourite ingredients, ale and also oats into the rolls. combined with black treacle all makes for a brilliant roll with a fabulous depth of flavour. Ale wise I used Black Sheep Riggwelter as that’s what I had in stock and could bear to part with for this recipe, but any rich ale / stout will do. I’d recommend against any pale ales, leave those for drinking. You need something with some body and depth (yes, I am talking about beer!).

These rolls use a hot porridgy base and both white and rye flour to make the dough more manageable and help the gluten work a bit easier. Mind you, this recipe requires very little kneading as with all Dan Lepard breads which makes them even easier to make.


I didn’t deviate from the original recipe which is from Lepard’s Short and Sweet and can be found here. The only deviation I made was to substitute the honey for black treacle. There is also a video on YouTube that can be found here of the man himself making the rolls.

Given them a go, fill with a sharp cheddar, a lick of mustard and drink with a great ale. You won’t be disappointed.

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