Munch on a bit of Brunch!

Brunch. Let’s face it. The term is just a little bit wanky isn’t it? Connotations of being “posh” and something that only the middle classes and beyond partake in.

Obviously brunch is a hybrid of breakfast and lunch and given that most of the population don’t actually have breakfast in the morning and dive straight into lunch, does this mean that brunch is actually more common than we actually think, but we just don’t know it? And what’s in a name anyway? Is brunch is a bit of an excuse to get away with eating a more “exciting” breakfast? Eat things that we wouldn’t normally eat at 8am in the morning?…. I’m thinking to much into this aren’t I?!

The wonderful Yotam Ottolenghi thinks that brunch is actually just an extended breakfast, something that should be given time and love. Something to be shared with friends.

However when you’re at home on your own with only four cats for company (yes, I am She! But let’s face it, that’s none of you!) then sharing you’re brunch with friends isn’t really an option and this recipe is actually quick to make, giving you more time to chat with your friends (or cats).


A bastardised version of guacamole, on sourdough, with poached eggs. Rich, creamy, but cut through with lemon, chilli and coriander. This is a truly tasty treat and despite probably being quite bad for you, tastes virtuous. Oh, and it really does help a hangover. Win win. The Australians call this “smashed avocado”. I don’t.

Give it a try, breakfast, brunch or lunch this will immediately make you feel happy, even happier if you pair it with a Bloody Mary. Do it!

Mexican Avocado brunch
Serves 1 hungry person, 2 not so hungry

1 large ripe avocado
30g feta cheese
1 red chilli – seeds in or out depending on how you like it
Juice of half a lemon
Small handful of coriander, chopped
Salt & pepper

A couple of slices of sourdough, toasted, or any nice crusty bread

2 poached eggs (check out Felicity Cloak’s perfect poached eggs).

Mash up all of the ingredients for the guacamole together and season. Pile onto the hot toast (buttered of you’re feeling extra naughty) and top with the poached eggs.

Gobble up and enjoy the rest of your day! You can thank me later! >

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