Apricot Couronne – The GBBO Technical Bake

So this week on the Great British Bake Off the theme was sweet dough. Having tackled a sweet brioche the other week, I thought I’d have a crack at the technical bake – apricot couronne.

Apricot Couronne 1

Apricot Couronne 3

However rather than make one large couronne, I decided to make smaller, individual ones (would this make them tiaras, or “tiare”?) as there’s no way the two of us would’ve got through a whole one, plus I wanted to take some over to Dan who I run Dinner at the Manor with, so I thought individual buns were the way to go.

An enriched dough (although not as rich as a brioche) filled with an orange scented butter, walnut, sugar and dried fruit (apricot and raisin) filling, glazed with apricot jam, and topped with water icing, these are a perfect breakfast treat.

Texture wise these are very similar to a stollen or even a panetonne. Flavour wise I have to say they were on the tip of my sweetness tolerance, but that might be because these weren’t really mini buns at all! I was rather stuffed after munching away on one of these bad boys.

Apricot Couronne 2

I will definitely make them again but I might substitute out the raisins for dried cranberries or sour cherries to add some sharpness. A classic apple and cinnamon version would work too, and given the dough itself isn’t sweet, a savory ham and cheese version would be delicious too.

The recipe, which is Paul Hollywood’s, can be found here – I just made 6 buns rather than one large loaf, but I dare say you could make 8.

Ideally you should set aside enough time to make these. I made them in 2 and a half hours and I was pleased with the result, but wish I had a bit more time – that’ll teach me to make a sweet loaf before going out for an evening!

What are your favourite sweet bread buns?

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