Jaffa Cake!

Jaffa cakes. We all know the score with them: cake, jelly, chocolate. But have you seen this supersized home-made version? Still the same three key elements, but with that extra WOW factor to elevate it to afternoon tea status!

I made this as part of our Dinner at the Manor afternoon tea event earlier this month. We had a British theme for this event and I personally think that jaffa cakes are a quintessentially British creation! Plus the cake combines my favourite chocolate pairing with orange, which is always a winner in my book.

Sticky Pinny Jaffa Cake

In order to make the cake I obviously had to examine some jaffa cakes (for research puposes!) and understand how to scale it up! The cake part I always find quite dry, which I definitely didn’t want to bring into my version, however a Victoria type sponge would’ve been too moist and there was a risk the cake could become quite mushy! I settled on a genoise sponge, which although dryer, given the lack of any butter or oil, would match the textures of the jelly and chocolate well.

For my Jelly, I wanted to make something a bit more special than shop bought jelly, so I created my own using fresh orange juice and marmalade for that bitter edge.

This was all topped off with a smooth chocolate ganache, rather than a hard shell of chocolate, to make the cake more decadent and also easier to cut!

Sticky Pinny Jaffa Cake

Unfortunately I chose to serve up a very rich, decadent cake on what turned out to be a hot, sticky, summer afternoon and our guests were so full of the other treats we served up that they didn’t eat any! 😦 However, never fear, they were all given a doggy bag of jaffa cake to take home with them so I hope they liked it!

I did manage to snaffle some and I did think I managed to recreate the cake well! Give it a go – I’d love to know what you think.

“Jaffa Cake”

For the Cake
5 free-range eggs
150g caster sugar
150g plain flour
25g melted butter, plus extra for greasing

For the Jelly
300ml freshly squeezed orange juice
1 tablespoon marmalade
3 sheets gelatine

For the Gananche
200ml double cream
200g chocolate
20g butter

First, make the orange jelly. Cut the gelatine sheets into small pieces and put into a bowl. Add 60ml of orange juice from the 300ml and leave for 10 minutes while the gelatine swells. Heat this mixture on a very low heat in a saucepan until the gelatine has dissolved, then stir in the rest of the orange juice and the marmalade.

Pour into a 9 inch frying pan lined with cling film, adding enough jelly until about 1cm thick – you won’t need all the jelly. Leave to set in the fridge.

Then make the cake. Preheat the oven to 180C and grease, flour  and line the base of a 23cm deep cake tin. Whisk the eggs and sugar together in a bowl for 4-5 minutes, or until thick and pale. (An electric device will be of most benefit here!) In a separate bowl, sift the flour then lightly fold it into the egg and sugar mixture until just combined. Stir in the melted butter.

Pour into the lined tin and bake the sponge for approx 30-35 mins, or until a skewer comes out clean. Leave to cool in the tin for a few mins and then turn out to cool onto a rack.

Then make the ganache. Bring the cream and sugar to the boil in a small pan then pour over the chocolate and butter. Beat well until the chocolate and butter have completely melted, then allow to cool slightly.

Now to assemble the cake!

Put your sponge back into the tin you baked it in, then place the jelly disk on top of the sponge. Now pour / spread your cooled ganache over this and leave to set. Please make sure you have left the ganache to cool otherwise it will just dissolve the jelly!

Place the whole tin in the fridge to set, then its ready to serve. Although do leave it to come up to room temp for 30 mins before serving.

(You can also just spread the ganache all over and round the cake, keeping its contents secret, but I wanted a layered effect – is totally up to you!)

I decorated the cake with peeled strands of orange zest I soaked in cold water – this make then curl and look pretty!

What do you think of this “jaffa cake” then?

3 thoughts on “Jaffa Cake!

  1. Cakes looks good! Will try it.

    Also wanted to ask if you have a really good recipe for an Oreo cheesecake Cake? Would love to find a yummy one.

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