Getting Angry About Angry Birds

Now for regular readers of the blog, you’ll know I’m not really a “novelty” cake maker. I don’t really work with fondant or do handmade decorations – leaving it to the experts within the blogger sphere such as Marie Claire of Nouveau Cakes .

However, a work colleague of mine asked whether I would make a cake and some cupcakes for his son’s 6th birthday. Assuming this was going to be a standard run of the mill cake, I said “yes” without any further thought or checking my diary.

Then last week came around. The week of supperclub which meant that I had quite a lot of prep to do anyway and then realised that I had said yes to making a cake. I checked on what type of cake was required. To my horror the cake was to be an Angry Birds themed cake! Something that I just don’t do. I was scared / panicked and annoyed for agreeing to do something I wasn’t comfortable with.

However, a 6 year old boy’s birthday cake was a stake so I just had to suck it up and get on with it… And I’m glad I did!

I’m really glad I challenged myself to making this cake although I have to say in the week running up to finishing the cake I was literally up past midnight each evening after work making birds and pigs!! The design / layout of the cake was inspired by numerous internet searches, Pinterest boards, and the concept of the pigs having stolen the eggs.

The cake itself was my standard devils food cake covered in ganache and fondant, all decorations were made of fondant too. There are some great tutorials out there on how to make the birds. That, coupled with playing the game itself (even though I am really bad at it!) helped too.

My favourite elements are probably the pigs, especially the moustached one, and the bird in the slingshot.

After this experience, its safe to say that I won’t be taking up any commissions for further novelty cakes for a while. It was the most stress I’ve put myself under in a long time, as coupled with my annoying trait of perfectionism (when it comes to baking) and my penchant for tantrums, I was an absolute nightmare!

However, all that matters is that Guigo got the best cake for his birthday. Feedback was that he loved it so much that he loved the cake so much that he refused for it to be cut into and eaten! Seriously, the thing is still whole and intact! A great compliment! The kids did eat the vanilla cupcakes however, and apparently they were also the cause of a few arguments over who had which bird / pig!

Happy Birthday Guigo – hopefully this cake won’t be hanging around for much longer and I may have recovered enough to help out with a 7th birthday cake!

9 thoughts on “Getting Angry About Angry Birds

  1. Wow, that is one amazing cake! My boyfriend would LOVE this. I love the cupcakes too, how the birds are lurking in the buttercream. I have to say, I’ve only ever made one novelty cake and it nearly swore me off baking for life, I definitely don’t have the patience for them.

  2. Just started reading your blog and I absolutely loved it.I was particularly smiling when I’m on this part because I also experienced what you have experienced.I love baking cupcakes but I don’t have patience in making novelty cakes.I also agreed once in making a cake for a kiddo and I will not even try to do it ever again.:)

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