Gnocch Gnocch!

Who’s there? A tasty Italian dumpling that’s what!! I tried my hand a making gnocchi for the first time this week.Something that’s been on my radar to do but never got around to actually doing, mainly because I tend to turn to pasta or rice for my carb intake.

I picked up a lovely selection of mushrooms on my travels this week (oyster, shitake, et al) and my go to dish for mushrooms is usually a risotto. However, I really wanted to try something new, something that would still showcase the mushrooms but sticking with the Italian vibe.

After catching up on Australian Masterchef over the weekend, I saw a dish of gnocchi and wild mushrooms being made so I decided to give it a go. I didn’t really deviate from the recipe apart from doing away with the baking potatoes on rock salt bit (waste of money!). I just coated them in a little oil and whacked them in the oven. Oh, and I had to add some shavings of Parmesan to finish.

The end result? Delicate, yet robust – the earthiness of the mushrooms really shone through and the gnocchi were really light and silky in texture. We paired this with a glass of Viognier – the intense fruity flavours really enhanced the mushroomy flavour.

Gnocchi dishes I’ve eaten elsewhere before have been covered in sauce and what I liked about this one is that they weren’t just a vehicle for other flavours – they really shone out as a component in themselves.

Will this replace my risotto as my go-to mushroom dish? Maybe not, but I will make it again. The good things about gnocchi is the they can be made in advance and cooked in boiling water from frozen, so I intend to make a large batch to make this an easy mid week supper.

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