Mad about Madeleines

Another sweet treat for you to salivate over – this time in the shape of some delightful raspberry and lemon curd madeleines that I whipped up for our Rachel Khoo Parisian Tea we held earlier in the month. (She’s fast becoming one of my foodie pin ups at the moment, that’s until I get my hands on Nigella’s new book!)

They’re a real French staple, dating back to the 18th Century. Now madeleines are a strange one for me, previously they had been a bit of a give or take kind of sweet treat – possibly because I’ve only ever hand the plainer variety and I like my cakes with a bit of oomph!

I love the addition of the raspberries and lemon to the mix, they add a real creamy sharpness and this really compliments the sweet buttery sponge.

I do have to warn you through, they are quite addictive and because they can be devoured in a couple of bites.

The whole process of making madeleines is relatively simple – you just need to plan in time to make them as the batter requires ideally an overnight rest but this means that when ready to make you can be throwing one down your gullet in less than 30 minutes. Hooray!

They are definitely going to be added to my “quick bake” staple and I’m already thinking about the different things that I could potentially stuff them with.

Rachel’s Recipe can be found here, although I used my own tried and tested lemon curd recipe which I used in my lemon meringue cake.

What’s you’re favourite tea time treat?

4 thoughts on “Mad about Madeleines

  1. They look very tasty! It’s very interesting you have to leave the batter overnight for a cake but I guess that’s to make sure it’s cool then the puffing effect is greater?

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