Winger Lickin Good

Tastiest. Wings. Ever. I made these babies last night after having watched an episode of the Hairy Bikers Mississippi Adventure.

I have a secret love for all foodie things American and chicken wings are one of them. Not the Southern deep fried and battered variety, I’m talking rubbed with spices and glazed within an inch of their life.

The secret to tasty wings or any barbecued meat is a dry rub. This one uses paprika, cayenne and black pepper. This really penetrates the meat and adds a spicy depth of flavour second to none.

The pièce de résistance to the wings is the tangy, sweet glaze. Sticky and moreish, these must be eaten with fingers!

The recipe for these babies can be found here. If you want to do these on the barbecue, just glaze them after the second round of roasting and stick them on the grill until the glaze turns thick and the wings char and crisp slightly – should take minutes so keep an eye on them.

This recipe could work equally well with thighs and drumsticks, just adjust the cooking times. For those who don’t like chicken on the bone – this one isn’t for you, unfortunately you can’t breasts as they’ll just dry out.

Enjoy with some cold brewskis and the sunshine!

What’s your favourite barbecue dish?

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