Holy Mole!

This weekend I decided to spice things up a bit for Sunday Lunch. Rather than the usual roast chicken I took to my trusty Mexican Food Made Simple book and decided to make the Easy Peanut Mole. I suppose it’s a Mexican version of a satay! It’s packed with peanuts and sesame seeds and flavoured with smoky chipotles en adobo and tamarind – definitely a splurge dish as I hate to think what the calorie content was with all of those nuts and seeds! Now making this was a bit of a risk as I’m not the biggest fan of peanut sauces but I really wanted to give this a try after hearing good things from Dan, who runs the supperclub with me.

Now the picture just looks like one huge brown mess and to be honest – this is the best looking picture I got of the dish! However, we all know it’s not just about presentation, so how did it taste?

Sticky Pinny Peanut Mole


The chicken was moist and the sauce nutty, sweet, smoky, and tangy. However I did feel that there wasn’t enough spiciness so if I make it in future  I think I will add extra chipotles. However, the chicken was soft and moist not as heavy as a South-East Asian style peanut sauce.

We ate this with a warm spiced corn salad, rice, pink pickled onions, and frijoles refritos with plenty leftover to make burritos the next day. The chicken in particular is very nice cold, shredded and tossed in a salad.

The sauce can also be made and cooked separately – I think this would be a good one to go with charred barbecued meats.

I can’t publish the recipe as I followed it exactly, but I would really recommend buying the book. It’s really opened my eyes to “authentic” Mexican cuisine. It’s not all about fajitas and chilli con carne! We held a Mexican evening at the supperclub early this year and with the release Ms. Miers’ new book Wahaca – Mexican Food at Home  we’re raring to do another one soon!

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