Sole Man

Another easy fish dish in my quest for healthy mid week suppers. This time I took inspiration from Gok Wan – whose recent cookery show actually impressed me. Quite possibly because nearly every dish he made was reminiscent of the food my Dad made throughout my childhood.

I took a cue from his lemon and ginger sole recipe but changed it up slightly with a Chan instead of a Wan twist, steaming with the addition of a chopped red chilli and using spring onions instead of chives.

Now I’m not at all squeamish about cooking whole fish on the bone – a whole fish retains a juiciness that fillets just don’t have. However – if you really can’t cope with seeing a fishy friend staring at you, then fillets will work too.

Also, don’t feel that this will only work with lemon sole if you don’t fancy it. My dad used to make this with all types of fish – dab is another flat fish alternative which is very sustainable,  or a whole sea bass or sea bream would be a great alternative as would salmon fillets.

The whole thing takes about 20 mins to prep and cook – serve with some steamed rice and crunchy greens and you’ve got a fast, sin free supper, so feel free to pair with a clean and crisp glass of white wine.

Go on, have a go!

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