Easy Peasy Mirin Glazed Salmon

I have finally pulled my finger out! New post. Whoot! Things have been busy and still are, but that’s no excuse. This is the first in a series of fishy posts coming up!

I stumbled across this Bill Granger salmon recipe when I was trying to find a really quick, filling fish recipe. Since my holiday I have somewhat added an inch or two to my girth which I really need to get rid off!

Sticky Pinny Mirin Glazed Salmon.jpg

Talk about an easy dish – literally ready in about 30 mins, including the prep – take that Jamie Oliver!

Just a note to add in the ingredients – the recipe doesn’t specify the type of soy sauce, I used a half and half mixture of dark and light and it worked really well.

I ate this with steamed rice and a picked cucumber salad which is also included in the recipe link given above.

Flavour wise, the glaze on the salmon is sweet, sticky, salty and sharp – everything you need in south east Asian flavours. After making this for the first time this week, it will definitely feature as a regular mid week supper in the Sticky Pinny household!

I made extra and ate it cold the next day for lunch – it was just as delicious.

The marinade and glaze I think would go really well with chicken thighs / drumsticks – now the weather has taken a turn for the better (famous last words) then this would be really good for the BBQ.

Go on – give it a go!

2 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Mirin Glazed Salmon

    • Hi Becs, thanks. The pickle is so good. My nan used to make something similar so it brings back memories. I can’t believe how quick the whole dish is to make, tasty too. I’m doing ok mid week. Weekends are my downfall :-/

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