Bagel Bagel!

I love a bagel I do! Unfortunately though I am usually subjected to those of the supermarket variety which are just a bit “meh” to be honest! My fave filling has to be cream cheese (always full fat) and smoked salmon, but I do love a bagel for breakfast with oozy scrambled eggs too.

Yes, this is another recipe from Dan Lepard’s Short and Sweet – who in my world is the Godfather of baking. If you don’t own this book then I urge you to buy it. Everything just works and his no-nonsense approach to baking has revolutionised they way I think about baking too.

Anyway, back to the bagels. They are really easy to make and the method can be adapted so that they rise overnight, ready for delicious freshly baked goodies in the morning. The results are light, chewy and crispy – a world away from the supermarket variety.

Essentially they are made using it’s a basic white dough recipe, but the magic happens once they are poached in Marmite and then baked. The Marmite almost creates a glaze over the dough as it poaches which crisps up wonderfully in the oven.

Mix up the flavours with an array of seeds and I promise you these will become a staple!

Dan’s original recipe can be found here.

We also made these as part of our Dinner at the Manor afternoon tea.

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