Holy Macaron!

Take that macarons! In your face!! Yes, you can probably gauge by my enthusiasm that I am extremely happy!! As I have said before, Macarons scare me. Proper scare the living sh!t out of me – more than Pennywise the clown from Stephen King’s IT. (If you don’t know who he is, then do an image search, but be warned!!) However you can read about my neuroses about macarons in a previous post. My first attempt was ok, but I have since had numerous disasters so promptly put them out of my mind as something I was just incapable of getting right!

However, I decided to put those fears to rest and tried again, putting the memories or runny, spreading macs out of mind! I had shed loads of egg whites that had been ageing quite nicely and I was fed up of making meringues! I also wanted to make them using the Italian meringue method, as I have heard this creates a more stable mixture.

As it’s coming to the end of forced rhubarb season, I know I wanted to include them in my concoction. Inspired by my foodie friend Marie-Claire, mac maker extraordinaire, I filled them with my home-made rhubarb and ginger jam and Chantilly cream. I was going to make a thick cold custard instead of the cream, but didn’t have enough egg yolks, oh well maybe next time!

The result? The best macarons I have produced so far! Light as air, chewy, sweet but with a nice sour kick from the rhubarb which is dampened by the cream. Delicious.

The wonderful thing about macarons is that they are a perfect vehicle for a number of flavour combinations and I can’t wait to experiment.

I used Edd Kimber’s recipe for the shells, so won’t repeat the detail here, give them a bash if you’re feeling confident and sandwich them with something delicious!

8 thoughts on “Holy Macaron!

  1. It took me three attempts to get them right. Determination wins through though! Well done, these look gorgeous!

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