Oeuf and Turf!

Yes, it’s been a whole year since the last Bradford Beer Festival, and last year I banged on about how its the highlight of my calendar! in 2011 I made a Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall pork pie to bring with me to help stave off the group’s hunger pangs and this year I decided to bring another porcine meaty treat, and again use another HFW recipe – the wonderful scotch egg.

Like last year’s pie, the scotch egg is something which has been ruined by mass production. Grey, indistinguishable “meat” is wrapped around an overcooked egg (complete with black ringed yolk!!) and then coated in orange crumbs. Appetising? I think not!! However, get it right, then the scotch egg is a wonderful thing – meaty, creamy and salty, Oeuf and Turf! A perfect accompaniment for an all day real ale session!

I was inspired to make these chorizo scotch eggs on my visit to the Crab Apple Tree supperclub, where they served warm ones made with duck eggs. I knew I immediately wanted to make a version of them!

I found this Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall variation on the Guardian website. What I liked about this one is that pork mince is flavoured with hot and sweet smoked paprika, fennel and other flavourings to make a chorizo flavoured mince, which is left to marinade for a few days, rather then using chorizo sausage.

This is a really good move as I think by using actual chorizo would leech out too much oil and make the whole egg rather greasy, especially as we were going to be eating them cold.

I pretty much followed the recipe as per the article so I won’t provide a method in this post, however I did change the cooking method slightly.

As I don’t have a deep fat fryer, I shallow fried the eggs in about an inch or so of sunflower oil, turning them to get an even colour for about 3 mins. I then finished them off in a hot oven for another 5 mins so that the meat cooked through, yet the yolk was still wobbly. You could also fill a deep pan with oil, but that scares me slightly!

I think that these treats were enjoyed by all who tried – I will definitely make them again, perhaps with just the classic sausagemeat variation, although I’ve seen versions made with smoked haddock which I’m really excited about. Would you call those ones surf and oeuf then?

Give these a go, you won’t be disappointed!

You’ll notice that in these pictures the yolks aren’t that runny – I re-heated my final egg in the oven to crisp them back up again (it was a few days old and had started to look rather tired!) Note – these do need eating after about 24 hours, a day and a half at a push otherwise it’s probably not safe. Unless you’re into that kind of thing!

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