Lemon Meringue Cake and Curd

This lemon meringue cake was served as one of the desserts at the Dinner at the Manor Nigella event. Now we all know that Nigella is the countess of cake, and this one definitely didn’t disappoint!

A light sponge, topped with meringue and baked together and then sandwiched with home made lemon curd and whipped cream. Despite it being a cake, it was exceptionally light, tangy crispy and sweet all at once. One of our guests even told me that it was one of the best cakes they had ever eaten!

Now I won’t detail the whole recipe in this post as I didn’t adapt it in any way and stayed true to Nigella’s technique. Her recipe can be found on her website.

However, what I will share the recipe I used for the lemon curd which was used to fill the cake. For those of you who have seen the recipe for my lemon meringue cupcakes, you’ll note that making lemon curd was on my to do list. My friend Dan (Martini Man) advised that it’s really easy to do, and now having made it, it really is!

Absolutely delicious – I daresay I won’t be buying jars again…

Lemon Curd (Makes about 400ml)

2 large unwaxed lemons
2 large eggs
2 large egg yolks
150g caster sugar
100g unsalted butter, cubed

Put the lemon zest and juice, the sugar and the butter, into a saucepan. Place on a very low heat. Stir with a whisk from time to time until the butter has melted.

Mix the eggs and egg yolk lightly with a fork, then stir into the lemon mixture. Let the curd cook, stirring constantly, for about 10 minutes, until it is thick and custard-like. It should feel thick on the whisk.

Remove from the heat and stir occasionally as it cools. Pour into sterilised jars and seal. The lemon curd will keep for about 2 weeks in the fridge.

Tastes fabulous on toast. I particularly like it mixed into vanilla ice cream!

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