Posted in August 2011

Figgin Tasty!!

Figgin Tasty!!

Eek, once again I’ve been a bit slow on all things blog – been a busy bee with real life work and also planning our first Dinner at the Manor event so once again I’ve let things slip!! This weekend I made a very simple, tasty fig, hand sliced prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella salad as a nice light … Continue reading

Cherry Cola Cupcakes

This was a cake I was originally going to enter into Ironcupcake:Leeds Fizzy Drinks competition back in May this year. Unfortunately I could make the competition that month, but I was keen to try our my idea sooner or later. Now I can’t take full credit for the cakes, as Confessions of a Cookbook Queen … Continue reading

Beans beans good for your heart…

The more you eat, the more you….. yes, yes, we all remember the song from childhood! This is just a very very quick post on a delicious lunch, containing beans – obviously! This is a product of what I call “desperation cooking” – I hadn’t been food shopping for a while and needed to make … Continue reading