Cakes for Japan Part Two

So the 23rd April quickly came around and Cakes for Japan Huddersfield was about to happen! I was tired, been baking for hours the day before, but was really looking forward to the day.

Everything had been set up by 9.30am and I was amazed by how great it all looked. Marie-Claire (@NouveauCakes) had done a great job with promotion, getting the bakers to bring their wares and getting the demonstration area in the market set up. Now all we had to do was get selling!

I think we were all concerned that people might not turn up and buy…the weather was glorious and we were in an indoor market! However, we needn’t have worried. The people of Huddersfield came and bought cake – lots of it! Scones, flapjack, brownies, biscuits and cupcakes were flying out of the shop. Children came to have their faces painted and decorate biscuits too….

So how much did we raise? £892! an amazing result and I felt so pleased after finding out the final total. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, all proceeds have gone to the British Red Cross Tsunami Appeal.

For more photos of the day, please see The Husband’s Flickr album – he took some lovely shots of the day.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I decided to make 3 different types of cupcake:

Red Velvet
And because of the event, I really wanted to make a Japanese inspired cupcake, so I made chocolate, ginger and wasabi cupcakes. I wasn’t sure whether Huddersfield would be ready for this combination, they were a slow burner, but they did sell! Recipe will follow in the next couple of days. It was a brilliant day with an even more brilliant result!

Chocolate, ginger and wasabi cupcakes

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