Please Support Cakes for Japan!

Just a quick post to big up the Cakes for Japan Huddersfield event which is happening on Saturday 23rd April!

Background info on how the events started can be seen in my Cakes for Japan Part One post, but please come along and show your support for the Red Cross and their efforts to help the earthquake victims.

The event has been brilliantly organised by Marie-Claire of Nouveau Cakes. She’s rounded up a band of eager bakers through the power of Twitter and Facebook to provide an array of sweet treats for Huddersfield shoppers to buy.

Aside from bake sale itself, there will also be face painting Easter biscuit decorating for kids (and maybe adults if you fancy it!) and also raffles for some great prizes, so it’s quite a family affair.

I’ll be making an array of cupcakes. Flavours will be…

And a bit of an experiment, in which I am incorporating some Japanese ingredients…. details of which I will leave off here now, but if you want to try / know what it is, then come along on Saturday and buy some!
Other treats include:
  • Oaty and ginger biscuits
  • Japanese flag Fondant Fancies
  • Banana cake mini loaves with chocolate chips
  • Mini chocolate tarts
  • Madeleines
  • Simnel buns
  • Easter ginger biscuits
  • Macarons
Marie-Claire will also be utilising the demonstration kitchen and making up fresh scones one site! Please come along and support if you can. We’ll be there from 10am, at the demonstration zone in Queensgate Market!
A full blog update on the event will follow this weekend!

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