Posted in April 2011

Chocolate, Ginger, Wasabi Cupcakes

Ok, so here’s the recipe for the chocolate, ginger and wasabi cupcakes I made for Cakes for Japan. I really wanted to make some cupcakes which incorporated Japanese ingredients and after some searching around on the interwibble, I came across this recipe on Epicurious, which was for a Black Pearl Cake. (Yes, as in the … Continue reading

Cakes for Japan Part Two

So the 23rd April quickly came around and Cakes for Japan Huddersfield was about to happen! I was tired, been baking for hours the day before, but was really looking forward to the day. Everything had been set up by 9.30am and I was amazed by how great it all looked. Marie-Claire (@NouveauCakes) had done … Continue reading

Please Support Cakes for Japan!

Just a quick post to big up the Cakes for Japan Huddersfield event which is happening on Saturday 23rd April! Background info on how the events started can be seen in my Cakes for Japan Part One post, but please come along and show your support for the Red Cross and their efforts to help … Continue reading

Chicken Pho Therapy

Safe to say that despite my efforts at having a relatively healthy week, my plans were scuppered by a few things. Clandestine Cake Club – I only ate a little bit of cake, honest!! Dinner and wine with friends. Barbecue By Sunday I needed something, light and cleansing – something that as you eat, you can … Continue reading

The First Rule about Cake Club….

Last Thursday marked my second trip to the Leeds Clandestine Cake Club, and what a treat it was! This time the event was held in the 4th floor cafe in Harvey Nichols. Again, another wonderful venue. The theme for this month was “Vivaciously Victorian” and if I’m honest, I did struggle somewhat with deciding on … Continue reading

Nuts About Ironcupcake:Leeds

Following on from last month’s post I did indeed enter April’s Ironcupcake:Leeds competition. This month’s theme was Nuts or Seeds. Usually when it comes to deciding what I am going to make, I tend to procrastinate – a lot! However, this one was different. I definitely knew I wanted to go down the nut route. I … Continue reading

Cakes for Japan Part One

One of the things I love about my work colleagues is that they’re always willing to part with cash if it’s for charity. If there is cake involved in exchange for money for charity, then even more so! A few colleagues had expressed their concerns about the devastating earthquake that affected Japan, so we decided to … Continue reading

Roasted Gobi with Aloo Saag Curry

The Husband and I took a trip to our local farm shop the other evening and staring at me were some beautiful looking Romanescos. Lime green in colour with cone shaped florets, it really is an attractive looking vegetable. A member of the brassica family, it seems to sit somewhere in between a broccoli and cauliflower. I’ve never actually … Continue reading

Wedding Bells

This weekend marked my first ever attempt at creating cupcakes for an event – a wedding. However, the bride is also my boss. So no pressure there to try and make the cupcakes even more perfect! Luckily, I wasn’t really given a brief as such – the Bride wanted a mixture of standard and mini cupcakes and decided to … Continue reading