Birthday Treats

Friday was my brother in law’s 21st birthday and I offered to make some birthday treats. Treats being a birthday cake and also some cupcakes.

Seeing as the salted caramel cakes went down so well last weekend at the murder mystery, I decided to whip up a batch alongside a chocolate cake and I also decided to make a batch of chocolate orange cupcakes too (Post on those to follow…)

For the chocolate cake used the same recipe as I used for the chocolate and raspberry cake I made a few weeks ago, but minus the raspberries. Instead I just used the chocolate ganache as a filling as well as to cover the cake. I also used some of the left over salted caramel frosting to pipe on the edges and the base of the cake. For this I used a medium sized star tip.

I also attempted to pipe on “happy birthday” which although didn’t look too bad, I think need a little bit more practice!

We didn’t end up eating the cake on the night, I think this was because I went a bit overkill with the cupcakes, but we did have it for dessert after Sunday dinner… Quote of the evening from my brother in law was “Did you make to cake too? I thought it had been bought…” not sure if that’s a good or bad thing!

The cake itself was still moist after 2 days – this was probably down to the ton of ganache that was covering it.

The diet has already started!

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