Murder and Armadillos!

Just a quick post on some cupcakes I made at the weekend… apologies for the photos, I only had my camera phone whilst making them! Salted Caramel topped with Dime (Daim??) bars. those of you old enough to remember should understand the armadillo reference….

Saturday was the day of my friend Dan’s long awaited murder mystery dinner party and I was asked to make some cupcakes inspired by Dime Bars as part of a 3 part dessert course! 

“Of course” I said without hesitation, and promptly forgot that I would actually need to get my hands on some Dime bars which are actually quite difficult to come by. Well, they were for me. After trying various supermarkets and buying Rolos as a back up decoration, I ended up finding some at my corner shop! What I fool I was for not trying local in the first place!

I managed to make 12 minis and 9 large cakes with the recipes linked below and they went down a treat. A few were even eaten for breakfast the next day…

The cake recipe came from The Primrose Bakery book and the frosting came from Fiona Carins which can be found here at GoodFood.

Decoration wise, I piped the buttercream onto each cake using a star nozzle (I will post a bit of a how to on this, I promise!!) and then piled chopped up pieces of dime bar onto the cake. I thought they looked quite tasty at this point, but I couldn’t help thinking they looked like they we missing something.

I had some dark chocolate in the cupboard and melted it down and drizzled it over each cake with a teaspoon. I think it gave them that extra oomph!
Oh and if you’re wondering – I wasn’t the murderer!…there’s always next time!!

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