Posted in February 2011

Pie and Beer

I have already written about my love of pie. All types of pie. as long as there is lots of pastry and lots of filling, then I’m there. I also love beer. Proper beer. Real ale. As far as I’m concerned the two go hand in hand. This weekend was the annual Bradford Beer Festival. One … Continue reading


This is just a quickie…for the past few months / weeks I have been thinking about attempting macarons. Macarons scare the living shit out of me. The stuff of nightmares, well them and soufflés, oh and scary clowns. And ventriloquist dummies. Sob sob sob. Now I love a good cake – cakes are easy, they’re quirky … Continue reading

Meal for One

The Husband has been working strange shifts for the past few days and also over weekends so I have often been cooking just for me in the evenings. Because it’s just cooking for one, I tend to make something that’s quick, but I also try to be relatively healthy too. Continuing on a fishy theme, … Continue reading

Love is in the air…

Bit late with this blog post, but unless you’ve been hidden under a rock for the past week you’ll know that it was Valentines day on Monday. Now, those of you that know me will know that I have a heart of stone and romance isn’t my thing. I am a bit of a cynic … Continue reading

Belly Nice!

My friend Dan is a very good cook – I’ve never disliked anything he’s made and he’s great at giving foodie hints and tips. We both subscribe to BBC Good Food Magazine and in February’s edition there was a brilliant recipe for pork belly. Dan made it for the murder mystery party I went to … Continue reading

Aiming to Peas!

The husband isn’t the biggest fan of fish. I am a massive fan of fish. Therefore sometimes we have a problem when I really need a seafood fix! Don’t get me wrong, its not as if he refuses to eat fish, he just needs some gentle coaxing sometimes and there are certain things that I … Continue reading

Chocs Away…

One of my friends, Paul, turned 30 this week and there was a bit of a shindig this weekend. I wasn’t intending to make anything, as I was all cake baked out from last weekend’s action, but seeing as it was a special birthday I decided to stop being lazy and bake! I decided to make some Malteser cupcakes for … Continue reading

Birthday Treats

Friday was my brother in law’s 21st birthday and I offered to make some birthday treats. Treats being a birthday cake and also some cupcakes. Seeing as the salted caramel cakes went down so well last weekend at the murder mystery, I decided to whip up a batch alongside a chocolate cake and I also … Continue reading