Another Food Blog Blah Blah Blah…

I was never someone who kept a diary, in fact I’m not really one of those people who like to talk about themselves in great detail. This is probably because I’m actually quite a dull person.

Here are the things you need to know about me:

  1. I love food and love to cook.
  2. I used to be fat but lost the weight, so I have to try and dampen my love of food but fail miserably.
  3. I also love to bake. Cupcakes in particular – I started making them last year and realised I had a bit of knack for them

    My Christmas chocolate cupcakes

  4. I love a drink (Red wine, gin and real ale in particular).
  5. I am a feeder – seeing as I can’t feed myself everything I like, well, you get the picture.
  6. My parents run a Chinese, and even though I hated it when I was younger because I was a walking stereotype / cliche, I think that my love of food is because of this.
  7. I am a dictator in the kitchen, possibly due to the above.
  8. I love cats
  9. I love my Kitchenaid Mixer
The love of my life

I’ll try and share my thoughts about food and any recipes I think are worth a mention.

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