Posted in January 2011


I officially suck at keeping up to date with my blog. Its been a few hectic weeks at work and also at home, and whilst I have been whipping up a number of treats, I have just been too lazy to write. I’ll give myself a D- and must do better. Last Sunday was a … Continue reading

Death by Cake

I am conscious that I haven’t posted for a while and that so far I haven’t blogged about baking. So much so it is going me nightmares. The truth is that I have just been really lazy this week and rather just get on and write, I have taken the option of drinking wine… (Speaking … Continue reading

And then I Broke the Bird’s Breast!

This is my second attempt at Nigella Lawson’s Praised Chicken dish which is from her Kitchen book (one of my faves from 2010) and also featured in one of the TV Episodes. It’s one of those dishes that really makes you feel virtuous, as it’s just poached chicken, veg and rice. Definitely one for January, … Continue reading

How I met your Father….

My husband often tells me that the reason he married me was because of my meatballs. They are one of his favourite things to eat and I often end up making them at least a couple of times a month. My usual ones are of the Italian variety and I serve them with tagliatelle or … Continue reading

Another Food Blog Blah Blah Blah…

I was never someone who kept a diary, in fact I’m not really one of those people who like to talk about themselves in great detail. This is probably because I’m actually quite a dull person. Here are the things you need to know about me: I love food and love to cook. I used … Continue reading